The saga of a local stray led to this…

Sitting at my desk working away, trying to come up with descriptions and tasks for mining positions, as I am now pursuing a pt business to earn income to support my needs as a result of seriously damaging my back on the 3/1/14 when I reached for the phone behind me as the person sitting behind me and I were to share the phone as they had not got around to installing a new phone for my desk. This has resulted in the need for a triple spinal fusion.

Anyhow, this cat would meow continuously, not just any old meow but a blood curdling long winded aggressive toned meow, it would last for an hour or so.  Normally I would wake up in the middle of the night to the sounds of this animal communication, however this was different. It was to my understanding that this animal was a stray cat that was left by a single mother who wound up in a psychiatric ward the poor love, anyhow when she moved out of her rental accommodation about 4 years ago, she left a litter of kittens and cats. I was about to confirm this as I was out the front admiring my weeds and over grown plants, when the animal appeared from across the road, it looked exactly like the only kitten I would have liked from the litter. I often walk around the block and would get into conversations with neighbours, this was what had exposed me to the knowledge of this situation. Therefore, under the pretenses that this cat was a stray and with the understanding that this animal had ended up adopting the neighbours house across the road, however the original owners moved and the new tenants were continuing to feed the animal however it was not an official owner as such.

During the day I had noticed the cat walking up and down the driveway,  however come night time, and trying to work through the consistent howling, I had to take action, the poor animal, its not normal to display this behaviour, so I went and coached her to the roadside and got mum to drop her of at the vet as something wasn’t right. Finally peace at last!

A few days later, I come to sit down to engage in my university studies only to hear… the same type of howling, what was going on here? I had no idea, the howling would continue. Having met the New Zealand couple who resides there, one was a night shift worker while the husband would work away. I was faced with no choice but to rescue this poor cat. So with the help of a friend at the time, I built her a little hideout in the bathroom, where she stayed for all of 5 mins before taking over the house with her royal sense of superiority, which leads onto the reason I named her Duchess. It was incredible, this cat idolized me, she would crawl up my back and sit on my shoulder as I lay on the couch, she would search for me if I went out of sight, and at 2 am every morning she would wake up with that blood curdling meow, demanded my attention for a little walk outside to relieve herself, this become a nightly routine, my poor Indian Ringneck was not receiving the quality time he deserved so I sadly provided him a more entertaining and healthy lifestyle with a lovely family who had a female Ringneck. No news as yet on the relationship development.

I thought it was so cute being so dependent on me, but as usual, me being me, taking things at face value, was oblivious to the obvious, this poor animal was dying and was scared. After seeing the vet, about two weeks later there was a knock at the door, two men in uniform stood at my door, “we are here to inquire about reports of a stolen cat”, thinking they might have been confused I advised them of the situation regarding the abandoned kittens, they were cool with that and said they are going to investigate it and get back to me. After they left I thought I had better check to see if anyone is home across the road, mum went over and advised them of the situation. It turns out that this cat was actually a stray that would attend a group house where the careers would provide an little meal for her, however due to some circumstance the cat had to be relocated, therefore our neighbours across the road sponsored the animal and took responsibility for housing the cat.  However the husband did not like how the cat was always on top of you and how she would sleep on your head, many times I woke up breathing in a chunk of animal fur. Meanwhile, this is how she returned home so quickly and started meowing again as she had a microchip. Meanwhile how horrible did I feel in a round about way, this animal was NOT one of the kittens I thought it was, although I swear it had the same weird eyes, and marking, however understandable, the cat did not look to be the age of 4, to me a cat is a cat… after all I am a loyal devoted dog crazy loving fan who knows little to nothing about the cat species. Our neighbour visited to see her cat only to be snobbed off and totally ignored, this resulted in the conclusion the animal has chosen its home, and the official registration of cat ownership was transferred into my name. I personally took her in as she was falling over and off balance, it seems she has the worst case of mites the vet has seen in a long time, so we fixed her up and got her home on my ear drops.

It was shortly after this time, I noticed Duchess was drinking a lot of water, and then I was starting to get really concerned when she went missing, afterbeing in the same place for 4 months, she has suddenly moved, she would only ever go were I had been but now her patterns are begining to fade, I remember picking her up and she had a look of pure shock, the kind of shock I experienced when I done my back injury. The following day was also making strange noises which where her legs going into spasm which we discovered some time later, so I took her to the vet and paid for a consultant, she was in a bad way, it would seem cancer had attacked her spine and she loss the control of her legs, so I could not let her suffer, so in doing what was moral and ethically right and I had to put her sleep. A special mention and thank you to Paul Frayne for reimbursement relating to the cost involved.

The Scottish vet at Coastal Vets in Mandurah was fantastic, he helped out in ways I cant be more grateful for, providing duchess with a free overhaul of general health care for the malnutrition and neglect cat.

This left me with a heavy heart, having a companion was the best thing for me at the time as I was preoccupied with looking after the animal, I was not focused on my pain. A few weeks later in earlier October I made a decision, its time to fess up and realize that a dog is not realistic in my situation, so a cat it was. I was going to adopted a stray cat. I got up one morning did a search on Facebook and did not encounter any opportunities. Until remembering that Coastal Vets have an adoption program, I made the call and arranged a time to meet with the cats, mum and I attended the Vets and the assistant, lead me over to the cat enclosure and retrieved a cat. I held it thinking all cats are loving, placid, dependent animal, however not this one, it just wanted to get away. As I held the cat I just wished for it to be as dependent and lovable as Duchess, it would seem this was not going to the be the case. The assistant asked would you prefer a kitten? A kitten I thought a companion I can build a loving, trusting and honest relationship with, absolutely I would much prefer a kitten over this ninja cat ready to demonstrate an escape route any moment now. Immediately, I beamed as stated “I would rather a kitten” in response the assistant advised “I actually have one out the back, let me go get her for you”. The white plain door opens standing there was the most cutest animal known to man, held by a warm, smiling assistant. The assistant introduces this cute fluff ball “This is Louise, Louise and her sister Thelma were rescued, and they arrived at the clinic with Chlamydia in a very poor way, however they have been treated and made a full recovery.” SOLD! I imagine this was the easiest sale the assistant had ever initiated. This brings me to conclude the current topic and feature animal Louise the Rescue Kitten. I hope to share with you the highs and lows of crossing over from the Dog side to the Cat side, although I sense Louise displays similar characteristics to the Dog species suggesting she might be a dog trapped in a cats body, we will have to wait and see what the future holds for you and me.

Here are some photos to give you an insight into the characters described in the texts.

Duchess in her Cat Cave
Duchess Supervising Me Work
Blue – Indian Ringneck
Louise the Rescue Kitten

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