Giant Cat..

Playing with Louisa May (Posh name for a Posh Pedigree) aka Louise, it come to note this animal is the size of a cat, how can this be? Well I took her for her 18 week check up, last week and discovered she is what is known as a Maine Coon, the Dog of the Cat world.. LoL mum admittedly, advised I ended up with a dog, it was a hard choice but given my seriously back injury I settled with a cat.

She is so playful at all hours of the night and day, attacking mums feet much to her horror. Scruffy is a rescue dog we have and his has a very aggressive personality and possessed by his toys! You can not even look at him without him assertively letting out a growl. But they seem to get along most of the time, Scruffy is rather fond of her in his own way and starting playing with her, he didn’t know how to play but just performed the same actions which Louise would demonstrate playing, this consisted of running up and bouncing a few cm away and spring back, only to scare the living light out of her and send her full bolt down the hallway, and scattering up her tower.

Regardless to say he does not have any idea, what he is to come, encountering Louise’s 6-8kg future.


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